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The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

~ Joseph Campbell

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Welcome! My name is Marie.


I received my Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Portland State University in 2018. Since then, I have been practicing in a variety of settings where I’ve learned many techniques, theories, and philosophies about therapy. 


I am passionate about supporting people through transitions and developing a life course based on meaning and happiness. I approach therapy as a tool that people can use to access their own inner wisdom with care and support. Sometimes, that means facing difficult emotions, thoughts, and experiences from the past. 


Emphasis in therapy is on boundaries, honesty, self knowledge, and acceptance. You can learn to practice unconditional love with yourself, and there are ways to experience it within the world. All of us want to experience peace and belonging, and it is possible to do so. Even if you’ve had a hard start in life, or you are facing challenges right now, everything you need is within you. 


Each person has their own unique journey to take with many steps along the way. Therapy can be a good step with the right therapist. It is important to me that you feel comfortable and supported within the relationship. It really is all about you and your growth.


I’ve taken a path that has focused on education, art and creativity, and providing service through working as a therapist. I’d love to help you discover your authentic path and craft a world that is meaningful to you.

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I provide individual psychotherapy to Oregon residents via teletherapy. Many of my clients are creative, intelligent, and sensitive people who are in helping professions or roles. I enjoy supporting people to further increase their confidence about the gifts they have to offer.

Psychotherapy can also treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and relationship issues. You may be struggling with grief, feeling lost or stuck, intense emotions, or low self worth. These issues are often associated with unprocessed trauma and may be addressed in therapy.

We begin by working together in a weekly format with the purpose to build consistency and clarity about your goals. We then identify barriers that you may be experiencing, and we look for actions and resources that may be helpful for you. We will continue to work together to access pathways of change that may allow you to thrive in new, sustainable ways. As a result, you will experience an improved understanding of yourself, a healthier environment inside and out, and more freedom to enjoy your life!


Sessions are 50-60 minutes in length. 


My fee is $120 per session, and I offer a sliding scale that starts at $65. Please inquire about sliding scale rates if you have financial need.


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When getting started, I offer a 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and whether we are a good fit for working together. To schedule, please send me an email or use the contact form provided.

I look forward to supporting you along your journey!

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